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Answers By Nagi’s dietitian advisor Alysha Coughler R.D 

Are Nagi snacks high in sugar?

low sugar organic energy bars

Actually lower than most other natural energy/ nutrition bars. We use coconut nectar instead of agave syrup (that is high in fructose and leads to a faster sugar spike) and plums instead of dates to keep it lower in natural sugars. Both of these ingredients are lower glycemic and full of nutrients. NO artificial sweetners, and NO SUGAR ALCOHOLS (xylitol, erythritol) that in some people may lead to upset stomachs.

Why are healthy snacks important?

Our bodies crave consistency and predictability. In order to build muscle or lose fat or even maintain current states, our body wants to feel safe with getting regular fuel spaced throughout the day. Without this, our bodies will actually turn to our muscles for energy (buh-bye gains). Even worse, when we go long timeframes without eating, we often end up entering into the realm of hunger where we over eat when we have a meal. Having healthy snacks between meals can help us control our hunger cues, maintain blood sugar levels, keep us energized, and help us achieve our performance and body composition goals.

Are protein bars a good snack

Protein bars are by far one of the most controversial health food products. Historically they were made by adding a lot of high calorie, high sugar and high fat ingredients meant to be a quick and easy way to get calories and protein in. In today’s day and age there are many lower calorie, high protein bars that can be an easy and convenient way to get protein into your diet. The main thing to do when choosing a bar is flipping it over to look at the ingredients and nutrition facts. When choosing a bar you want 12g or more of protein, maximum 25g carb, and maximum 7-8g fat, and make sure you can pronounce those ingredients listed.

Which healthy snack can provide protein after physical activity?

Protein is essential to rebuilding muscle post-workout. When people think of protein, the first thing that often pops into their heads is meat, fish, eggs and dairy products. There are many other sources beyond this. Foods like tofu, tempeh, plant-based protein powders, protein bars, defatted nut powder (like PB2), edamame, and legumes can be wonderful plant-based protein options. Make sure you pair your post-workout protein sources with a carbohydrate source to enable your muscles to fully absorb and use the protein.

Are Nagi snack products suitable for kids?

organic snacks bars kids

Yes, but younger kids would probably be good with 1/2 a Nagi bar as its fairly filling!

What kind of protein does Nagi use?

Fermented pea and sprouted brown rice; always easier to digest and sprouting makes the nutrients more bioavailable

What is Pea Protein and Brown Rice Protein?

Pea protein powder is a supplement made by extracting protein from yellow peas. Whereas brown rice protein is made by extracting protein from brown rice. They are both great alternatives to whey and casein protein powders when combined to be a complete protein. When combined they are also rich in iron which can often be a nutrient of concern with plant-based diets. With a greater likelihood of people not tolerating dairy, these make a great alternative to increase protein intake in ones diet.

Why do we need protein?

why do we need protein?

Protein is an essential part of our diet and a major component of our bodies. It is necessary for cellular function, cellular transportation and digestion maintenance, proper growth and maintenance of muscles, water balance, and tissue repair. It is ESSENTIAL that you consume enough protein to meet your muscle mass maintenance needs. If you fail to consume adequate amount of protein, your muscles will atrophy (decrease in size). Functions include: Build, strengthen and repair tissue – specifically muscle maintenance for recovery Help to keep us full for longer, acting on satiety cues in our digestive tract It will help maintain your blood sugar level stable (reduces risk of diabetes). It has a thermic effect on our body, burning more calories just to digest It helps keeping a positive nitrogen balance in your body keeping our muscle firm Many people would agree that a high protein diet would be suited to any person looking to improve body composition. There are 20 different amino acids which are combined to make millions of different proteins, each with a specific function in the body.

What are some good protein snacks?

what are some good protein snacks?

Some great high protein snacks include PB2 + apple, homemade hummus + flaxseed crackers/ veg, protein smoothie or shake integrating brown rice/ pea/ hemp/ blended protein powder, smoked tofu slices in a wrap or on toast, homemade egg bites, Greek/ Skyr yogurt + fruit, Nagi protein bars, homemade protein balls, lentil/ chickpea cookie dough + fruit

How many calories in a gram of protein?  

Protein contributes 4 calories per gram and should make up a total of 20-30% of your total calorie intake.

Are prunes better than dates to snack ? 

Prunes are lower on the glycemic index than date, making them less likely to spike and crash our blood sugars. Prunes are also more gut-friendly and digestible than dates, making them a more gut-friendly alternative.

What are some high protein low carb snacks ?

high protein low carb snacks

We want to be strategic when planning lower carb snacks on the go. Some great options could be pistachios, almonds, tahini with celery, hard-boiled eggs, low fat cheese + cherry tomatoes, protein shake with nut butter instead of fruit added, mini salad topped with tofu or fish or chicken

Why are Nagi products priced so well for what you get? 

organic snacks on the go

Our snacks and nutrition bars are like an organic meal on the go. We use premium superfood ingredients which are high in quality and carefully selected for their nutritional value. It is based on wholefoods, not just syrups, flour, oats , and/or pea/ rice crisp puffs as fillers. A muffin at a local coffee shop will cost you $3-3.50 but doesn't nearly deliver as much nutrients as any of our products. Will only add to your waistline