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Why Eat Nagi Protein Bars?


Nagi offers you the healthiest protein bars on the market today and quite possibly the best vegan protein bar you will ever try!

Nagi's organic health bars and balls, exclusively made in Canada, are lovingly created in small batches to preserve freshness and maximize taste. Every premium ingredient is carefully sourced for its nutrient density, high protein profile and of course its low sugar content. 

All of our Canada made delicious healthy snack and nutrition bars are made from whole foods with no preservatives, additives, or artificial nonsense and deliver you a rich indulgent experience every time without breaking your calorie count.

Whether it be a lunchtime snack at work or pre-workout energy boost, Nagi's raw organic snacks offers dense, delicious and portable organic snack and high protein nutrition bars that put taste, texture and your health as the priority. 

What's more, we have the perfect organic snack bar for every occasion and every lifestyle choice. Whether you are eating vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free or simply care about the environment, we have the perfect Nagi bar or ball just for you!

Who is behind Nagi's Protein Bars?

Nagi's protein packed energy bars


Toronto area based, former personal trainer, lifestyle counselor and registered massage therapist, Justyna Kozlowska, practices a holistic approach to health in order to maintain a balanced way of life. 

In high school, Justyna made her “healthy rum balls” for family and friends, and was surprised by the the amazing response she got. Justyna therefore decided to make something of it… after months of research and taste testing, she re-created that recipe into a raw nutrient-packed snack with very little natural sugar.  In 2014 Justyna incorporated her company and after hard work, trials and errors the  NAGI brand was born! 

In 2012 she turned co-founder and entrepreneur and the Nagi brand was born.

Justyna understands that the snacking world can sometimes be confusing. With so much fake news it is easy to quickly feel overwhelmed with all of the so-called experts offering their advice on healthy snacking.

Organic Raw & GMO Free Protein Bars

Vagan and dairy-free protein bars eat nagi

Nagi’s mission is to keep it simple and promise one thing - healthy snacking doesn’t have to be complicated! That is why all of Nagi’s ingredients are totally organic, raw and GMO-free, so you know that what you are eating is 100% healthy & delicious!

Justyna’s lifelong goal is to educate people and spread greater awareness of the mind-body connection. That vital relationship that keeps us healthy, fit, and pain-free. 

Balanced Vegan-friendly Lifestyle

Eat Nagi Organic Protein Bars

She lives by the 80/20 rule that is mainly applied to eating, but can also be applied to everyday life in relationships and work. It's all about balance… eating a well-balanced, nutritious meal 80% of the time, and leaving 20% wiggle room for food exploration. You can call them cheat days, cravings, or favourite treats. You do not have to cut out food groups, or count calories. Embrace food for nourishment, and not for denial. Moderation is the key.

So she decided the best way would be to create a truly organic, raw, vegan, mostly allergen-free range of energy bars and balls that look great, taste great, and most importantly are super healthy!

Healthy Organic Food

She believes that healthy organic food should nourish from within, and provide the energy needed to keep our bodies active, our minds sharp and a smile on our face. Plus Nagi products all combine the worlds greatest superfoods, ensuring that Nagi delivers taste and nutrition, every-time!

'I am passionate about life… and inspiring change in others to control, and take charge of their own health. Life is too short. We must be grateful for what we have, and do the best we can with it. It is a gift that is in the palm of our hands. Every day, we are faced with choices that have an effect on our quality of life and lifestyle. The actions you take now, no matter how small, are never wasted. They are just a stepping stone to bigger dreams, goals, aspirations, and opportunities.  " 

Justyna x


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