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Vegan Snacking: The Complete Guide

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Vegan Snacking: The Complete Guide

Positive, healthy and sustainable vegan-living, shouldn’t mean sacrificing good-old snacking! And it's not always about being well organised with your Tupperware, sliced veg and hummus pot.

It's about being clued-up, so read on, as this is the complete guide to vegan snacking, covering travel snacks, fun snacks for kids and even healthy late-night dessert snacks.

What snacks are vegan?

In defining snack as typically a “small-bite” between main-meals and vegan food as not containing animal products - then a vegan snack can be just about anything from a piece of broccoli, to a raw energy bar, or a packet of Doritos. It's just knowing what's available to you, there and then, which suits your vegan lifestyle.

So, whether it be well prepared or slap-dash, here are a few pointers which account for health, creativity, convenience, time, and of course, affordability.

Now, prepare to open your mind and be adventurous in redefining what once was – ‘A Snack’

What popular snacks are vegan?

Although preparation is key, it can’t always be accounted for so, while the rest of the world is still playing catch-up, here are some popular vegan snacks that you didn’t even know were vegan.

You'll be surprised at what is actually available for vegans to grab off the shelves of the supermarkets. Did you know Bourbons, Lays Barbecue and Cinnamon Life are all vegan? Here is a list of accidentally vegan snacks.

Basically, it's always worth checking the ingredients, as some of your old favourites might still be a vegan option. Here is a list of vegan choices in Canadian food stores.

Firstly, let's break it down to the fundamentals. There are two basic types of snack. Your savoury and your sweet.

Secondly, we have our vegan ingredients. Our nuts, beans, grains, fruits, veg - you name it!

Let's begin with what's wholesome, so ready your mind to ingest some savoury vegan snack inspiration.

Savoury Vegan Snacks

As a starting point, let's take some basic ingredients and add a little flair – if you’re reading this article, I’m sure you can spare at least 10 minutes in the kitchen.

The Zucchini, Quinoa and Hummus wrap 

Click on the link for the full recipe.

This recipe contains only 5 basic ingredients:

  • Zucchini – Use this as the wrap itself by peeling thin slices. Rich in nutrients and antioxidants.
  • Quinoa – With this seed, you have a complete protein and wheat-free alternative. 
  • Hummus – Nutritious, a great source of fibre, packed with protein and delicious!
  • Additional Veg – Whichever works for you, cucumber, lettuce, and capsicum go well. 
  • Seasoning – Salt & pepper, mixed herbs etc. 

    This is a healthy and well-balanced vegan option that is super easy to make and will leave you energised and light on your feet. It can provide a casual snack for the kids, but is worthy of serving any athlete.

    A quick tip is to mix the hummus and cooked quinoa beforehand, as it holds together and sticks well to the veg. If hummus isn't your thing, it can be easily replaced with another vegan dip like guacamole, or a bean/nut alternative. Here is a list of 9 vegan dips found on the shelves of your grocery stores.

    Vegan Snacking

    Dips are also important because they take crackers and chips to a whole other level. This notorious combination will tide you over in the evening, whilst supper is being prepared.

    Be open-minded to alternate between your wrap options, the zucchini can easily be replaced with another plant-based wrap, just as the veg and protein can also be adapted.

    If you struggle to find the time in the morning to make a healthy wrap, and just prefer something quick, easy and cheap, then a simple peanut butter sandwich on granary bread is perfect. This provides an ideal blend of carbohydrates, fibre and protein, in something which takes seconds to make. However, if peanut butter isn't quite your thing either, try other nut butter alternatives, like almond butter. Justines Almond Butter is available via Amazon in 5 different flavours.

    Finding the right nut for you is important too, as they are a good source of fibre, fat and protein. A bag of mixed nuts is a good start to finding which nuts please your palate. From peanuts to pistachios, this versatile source of nutrition can be added to all sorts of vegan snacks, but are also simply great and easy eaten on their own.

    So, when it comes to savoury vegan snacks, a nice variety of nut, grain and oat bases can be enjoyed with a variety of dips. Whether you're spreading home-made hummus on your vegan wrap, or munching down on a bag of tortillas with some guacamole, finding fresh connections in base and flavour keeps savoury vegan snacking interesting, easy and fun.

    Sweet Vegan Snacks

    OK, it’s time to bring in the fruit. Here is a superb creation which can be enjoyed like a fruit salad.

    The Watermelon Pizza


  • Watermelon – Slice through the middle to construct a thick pizza base, 2-3 inches thick. 
  • Coconut Yoghurt – Dollop to replicate mozzarella on a pizza
  • Strawberries – Slice in half and place on top of the watermelon and yoghurt.
  • Raspberries, Cherries, Pomegranate Seeds and Blueberries - scatter these toppings alongside the strawberries to complete your watermelon pizza. 
  • This is a healthy, fun and exciting vegan snack, which is suitable to share with friends and family.

    Fruit works very well as a snack in a variety of ways which rewards your body. You can chuck it in a blender and make a fresh smoothie to take with you on-the-go. You can mix dried fruit with nuts to make your own raw vegan bars, brownies and cakes. And you can just simply enjoy them on their own, as a great source of vitamins, fibre, hydration and natural sugars.

    A raw vegan energy/protein bar is a great sweet snack. If you need a boost of energy, there is now a large market for raw vegan bars. Nagi bars are the best Canadian energy/protein bars on the market and come in many variations of raw vegan ingredients. These convenient snack bars are available in a variety of flavours from chocolate quinoa, to lemon goji berry.  

    What’s more, just because you have turned vegan doesn't mean you have to give up chocolate. There are many chocolate vegan recipes available online. From ice cream and brownies, to acai bowls or chia pudding, here is a link to a variety of vegan chocolate snack options. 

    Vegan Snacking Summary

    The internet is now bursting with a huge amount of vegan snack recipes, covering practically every alternative. The vegan market is still growing, with vegan news sites popping up, new vegan clothing and food brands emerging, and more! But in the meantime, it’s good to know what is quick and available on the shelves if you’re a bit stranded, hungry and pressed for time. Thankfully, vegan ingredients such as fruit and nuts are very versatile. A fruit smoothie in the morning can be followed by a raw vegan energy bar or crackers with dip after lunch, and if you fancy some late-night indulgence, dive into your secret dark chocolate stash. Don't feel like your choices are limited, as vegan snack options - savoury or sweet - are surprisingly boundless. 

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