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2020 Best Vegan Snacks For Traveling

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Best Vegan Snacks for Traveling

Vegan Travel Dilemma

Vegan Travel Snacks

The day has finally come! You’re all packed and brimming with excitement as you jump into a taxi to take you to the airport. There was no time for breakfast, but that’s ok as it’s barely even 7 am and you’re early for your flight anyway - you’ll have plenty of time to grab something once you’re through security.

Bags checked in. Security done. Now, where’s the nearest food vendor?

You’ve searched everywhere and there’s not a plant-based option insight - not even a tiny vegan snack! It’s a long journey ahead and you’re already starving...unfortunately, we’ve all been there.


Although we’re not trying to discourage traveling as a vegan, there are many challenges and things to consider before you set off. Whether you are commuting, taking a short weekend trip away or embarking on an extended travel adventure, eating healthy plant-based food should be a priority.

The situation for vegans is steadily improving every day (in 2018, the plant-based food sector grew 20% in retail sales, as compared to 2% growth for all foods), but the truth is that it’s still common to find limited options, no matter where you are in the world. Therefore, every vegan should travel with snacks.

The 5 P's of Vegan Travel Snack Success

Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance. That means preparation is key and the best way to prepare for maintaining your vegan diet whilst traveling is to make or buy snacks in advance. If you don’t, then you will more often than not end up in the same situation as above.

Nagi’s Best Vegan Travel Snacks

Thankfully, there are plenty of vegan snacks you can buy or make in advance which will help to sustain you on your travels! We’ve come up with a list of our favorite on-the-go plant-based options to take with you on your next vegan adventure.

Nagi Protein Bar

Our top tip would be to pop a few of our Nagi Protein Bars in your backpack! They are packed full of raw and organic ingredients, which are perfectly balanced to keep you nourished and energized for that big journey ahead!

Free from soy and gluten, our non-GMO vegan products contain a complete plant-based protein blend, as well as other beneficial vitamins and antioxidants. Additionally, hardly any preparation is required - just find your local stockist or order some online.

Self-Contained Fruit and Vegetables 

Fruit and vegetables often come in their own packaging that helps keep them fresh! This makes them some of the best snacks for hungry vegan travelers. Apples, oranges, bananas, carrots, peppers...the list is endless!

Either pack them as they are, or protect them in reusable food wrappers or Tupperware. You could even cut them up in advance and bring a pre-made dip to accompany them. Try bringing a tub of peanut butter on your travels, as it doesn’t need to be stored in the fridge!

Matcha Latte Coconut & Hemp Seed Bites

Healthy Vegan Travel Snacks


We love this recipe for Matcha Latte Coconut & Hemp Seed Bites from Rawcology. These easy-to-make vegan travel snacks are small enough to leave you with plenty of valuable packing space! However, don’t let their size fool you into thinking they can’t sustain you - they are jammed full of healthy fats, omega 3, fiber, and antioxidants.

Vegan Sandwich

Will anything ever beat the humble sandwich? Simple to make and easy to pack, the fail-safe option of two pieces of bread and a tasty filling is the best snack for a vegan traveler.

If inspiration fails you, then check out these delicious vegan sandwich recipes. There are so many great flavors that can provide an array of beneficial nutrients, as well as proving you with the energy you need to make the most of your vegan adventure.

Bon Voyage

Hopefully, you’ve read this blog and are now ready to follow the 5 Ps of vegan travel snack success in preparation for your big adventure! Don't forget to pack your vegan and natural skincare essentials and head out on the road!

We’d love to hear about your travel stories and how you’ve coped on a plant-based diet. So please leave your comments below, or send us a private message on our contact page.

Happy vegan travels!

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