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Easy Vegan Snacks & Meals for Kids

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Vegan Snacking

Adult vegans are better equipped to understand the restrictions they have signed up for by being vegan. But for parents of vegan children, the real challenge can be finding snacks that will tick all the vegan boxes, taste great and are most importantly, healthy.  Well, 2020 has arrived and the good news is, vegan snack ideas for kids are endless!

So let us help you out with these easy vegan snack & meal ideas for kids. Whether it be for the morning walk to school, post-school lunch snack or a vegan snack to munch on over their favorite movie, read on!

Vegan Snacks for Kids

Vegan Meal Plan for Kids: General Guidelines

When putting together a meal plan for our kids there are a lot of factors to consider. We want to build a meal plan that is not only healthy and delicious but also beneficial to their daily energy needs and ingredients that nourish both the body and mind.

Vital for fiber, vitamins, and minerals, fruit and vegetables make up a very important part of a solid vegan meal plan for both kids and adults. Hitting the 5-a-day can be tricky but there are lots of different approaches a parent can take to ensure their child gets all the fruit and veg they need for a well-balanced diet. 

How to get your kids to eat five a day? - Check out some awesome ideas here

For your kid’s protein needs we can consider vegan super ingredients like chickpeas, tofu and lentils. Not only arr they packed full of protein but also with essential iron and zinc keeping your child healthy and happy. 

You will also want to consider how your child is getting their vitamin C on a daily basis. Vitamin C can help your child absorb more Iron. And vitamin C isn’t just present in citrus fruits, you can find vitamin C in a whole load of yummy and nutritious fruits and vegetables. Why not experiment with brussel sprouts, broccoli and even cauliflower, which all have a high vitamin C content.

Supplementing your kid’s vitamin D intake can also be recommended. This is especially relevant during the cold months and seasons, where kids are usually exposed to less sunlight. It is something worth considering for children with darker skin pigments and younger children, under the age of 5.

For Vegan’s, a regular and reliable source of vitamin B12 is also crucial. According to to get the full benefit of a vegan diet, vegan’s can look to do one of the following:

To get the full benefit of a vegan diet, vegans should do one of the following:

  1. Eat fortified foods two or three times a day to get at least three micrograms (mcg or µg) of B12 a day
  2. OR  Take one B12 supplement daily providing at least 10 micrograms
  3. OR  Take a weekly B12 supplement providing at least 2000 micrograms.

For more guidelines on what should make up your kid’s meal plan ensure you consult as many sources as you can to build up a full and comprehensive understanding. But now let’s explore some healthy and nutritional vegan snack and meals ideas that your kid can enjoy throughout the day

Vegan Snacks for Kids

Vegan Kids Breakfast

Homemade Granola Bars

Granola bars are healthy, tasty and can provide your kid with the right amount of protein and fiber they need to perform well at school and have the energy they need to see them through the day. Making homemade granola bars is a perfect option for the vegan family and involving your kid in making them can be a really fun and educational activity. Why not teach your kids about all the ingredients that are going into the granola bar and quiz them after!

Of course, not all of us have the time to make our own granola bars so ensuring we can source a healthy alternative is essential. Check out our own range of organic, vegan-friendly and protein-packed energy bars for a convenient protein-packed snack.

Granola Bar Vegan Snacks

Kids Vegan Lunches

Hummus with Vegetables or Pita

Hummus is the vegan’s dream food, and for good reason! Hummus tastes great with so many things and your kids are bound to love hummus as part of their vegan lunch, it’s the perfect snack! Making hummus in the food blender takes next to no time and is pretty healthy, relatively low in fat, high in protein and tastes delicious!

So try making some hummus today with these awesome hummus recipes and see what your kids think!

Kids Vegan Dinner

Working out what to cook for your kid’s dinner is not easy at the best of times, especially if the household is eating vegan. We found this awesome recipe for an exotic yet quick to make ONE POT PEANUT SAUCE NOODLES! The ingredients include brow rice noodle, peanut butter, spices, and some other bits, boil it up and you are done! Check it out and let us know what you think, we loved it!

Vegan Snack Ideas for School

Throughout the week your kids are usually at school [at least they should be!]. So before you send them off for a full day of learning and activities, be sure to slip an awesome vegan snack into their lunch box to give them the nourishment and energy they need throughout the day. Our organic snack bars are all GMO-free, vegan and gluten-free so they make a very convenient and healthy snack choice for your children. Oh, and, they taste amazing! Snacking makes up a large part of our diet and when it comes to snacking, Nagi knows best!


Vegan Snack ideas for Kids

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