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Eat, Pray, Love...Emphasis on Eat

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Guest Blog: Lindsay Maxwell

I make sure to eat enough natural plant protein as well. One of my favourite dishes that I conjure up is my vegan pasta. I eat high protein black bean spaghetti noodles dressed in fresh garlic, basil, artichoke, tomato, bell peppers and vegan parmesan cheese with a delicious marinara sauce. It tastes like a treat without the guilt thanks to zero gluten or wheat!

As an actress, model, stylist and freelance writer, you could say my days are busy! For me, nutrition and well-being have always gone hand-in-hand.

 I’ve always been active, ever since I was a young lass’… I boasted that I was the fastest runner in my class, climbed trees, played sports with my brother and was really into swimming. My young excitement and energy came with a healthy appetite for food and my body.

 Like most of us, I have a natural response to what I consume. I’ve never really enjoyed eating meat, and even when I was younger I remember my favourite part of family dinners was always the side dish – carrots, corn, mashed potatoes, etc. In my later years, I teetered back and forth between being a vegetarian, vegan, and pescatarian. I felt more energized when I consumed a vegan diet, and it helped calm my anxiety.

 Eating vegan stabilizes my blood sugar which helps me feel balanced, and I m

I bring my Nagi bars in my purse to auditions or if I’m ever away for long periods of time. The bars are incredibly health conscious, packed with protein and low in sugar so I don't feel the aftermath of a crash and burn. Not to mention, they’re super tasty!  


I believe that we are mind, body and soul, and for one of these counterparts to be operating at full capacity, they all must. If our body isn't in prime shape or we are sick, it will affect our mind and soul. If we are in emotional turmoil, it will take a toll on our body. I learned a long time ago that the energy we put into our body (our little homes while we are on Earth) is what will exude to the world. 


Our purpose here is to thrive and operate on the levels that we were innately designed for, and I make it my mission to educate people in all areas of their life, whether it be health, personal development, emotional well-being or nutrition. I love practicing yoga and deep breathing exercises and listening to meditations before sleep and in the morning. These things make me feel grounded and connected.


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